High performance in-memory computing with Apache Ignite

High performance in-memory computing with Apache Ignite

This book covers a verity of topics, including in-memory data grid, highly available service grid, streaming (event processing for IoT and fast data) and in-memory computing use cases from high-performance computing to get performance gains.


The target audience of this book will be IT architect, team leaders, a programmer with minimum programming knowledge, who want to get the maximum performance from their applications.
No excessive knowledge is required, though it would be good to be familiar with JAVA and Spring framework. The book is also useful for any reader, who already familiar with Oracle Coherence, Hazelcast, Infinispan or memcached. 

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As one of the original creators of the Apache Ignite project, I really enjoyed reading this book. The coding examples are nice and descriptive. Ignite components are described in an easy to understand language. Great work by the authors!

—  Dmitriy Setrakyan, founder of the Apache Ignite project